We’ve been providing pregnancy-related services and sexual-health services to people facing unplanned pregnancy and STD risks since 1980. We know an unexpected pregnancy brings pressure, anxiety, and uncertainty. We’re here to help.

Who We Serve

We offer free & confidential services to everyone, regardless of race, belief, or gender. For years, we’ve served women and men in the Birmingham area with their reproductive-health needs. We understand the unique challenges men and women face when it comes to unplanned pregnancies.

Often, men and women in these situations feel too alone or afraid to share with friends or family what they’re going through. We’re here for you regardless of your circumstances with the support and resources you need to make empowered choices.

Our Services

Our licensed medical clinic offers a variety of pregnancy services and sexual-health services to help you survive and thrive during this season of uncertainty. We believe you have a fundamental right to complete, accurate information on any issues related to pregnancy and your health. 

Free Pregnancy Testing

We offer pregnancy testing to confirm whether or not you’re actually pregnant. Our lab-quality tests have a 99% accuracy rate so you can be sure.

Free Ultrasounds

After a positive pregnancy test, your next step is to receive an ultrasound. This scan reveals important information about your pregnancy so you can make an educated decision about what to do next.

Free STD Testing

We offer this service for both men and women. If you are sexually active, there’s a chance you can have an STD, even if you only have one partner. We provide both testing and treatment for many common STDs.

Free Education

Before making a decision, it’s important to have all the facts. Our peer counselors provide information on all of your options — abortion, adoption, and parenting — so you can make a fully-informed choice.

Contact Us

We’re here for you. Contact us to request a free and confidential appointment to discuss your unplanned pregnancy or reproductive health needs, and get the answers, support, and resources you need to make the best decision for you.