Education on All Your Options

The nature of an unexpected pregnancy often leaves women feeling understandably unprepared; they weren’t planning to be pregnant so they often have many questions they’ve never had to ask or answer before. As overwhelmed as you may feel, you should remember you are not alone in your pregnancy. We offer the education and information you need to make a fully-informed decision about the outcome of your pregnancy.

initial prenatal assessment

It’s important to understand the health of your pregnancy before determining next steps. An Alabama Pregnancy Test Center physician or nurse practitioner provides an initial prenatal assessment, prenatal lab work, and a limited pregnancy ultrasound to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. Our center staff can also assist you with necessary referrals based on your current stage of pregnancy.

pregnancy options

After your testing is completed our staff will help you understand how far along are you. They will also assess if you are at risk for natural miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Finally, they’ll be able to tell you more about what abortion procedures are available to you – the abortion pill or surgical abortion – as well as other options for your pregnancy.

Parenting Education & Resources

If you choose to parent, we have a variety of classes and resources available. We know how challenging – financially, emotionally, and physically – it can be to raise a child, and we can help.

new parent classes

Earn While You Learn is an individualized program for all expecting moms and dads to provide education on the basic fundamentals of parenting. Parents interact with and are coached by a knowledgeable and caring mentor throughout the classes. Pregnancy, childbirth, child development, parenting skills and more are the focus of these one hour sessions.

skills building

The following classes at the center focus on helping new parents build stronger parenting skills: Mommy & MeMoms Night Out, Dad’s Night Out, The First Nine Months, and Boot Camp for New Dads.

childbirth education

The Gift of Birth is offered to women and their partners or support person in their 3rd trimester to prepare them for childbirth. A baby shower is offered as a celebration when all five classes are completed!


Dads are celebrated at Alabama Pregnancy Test Center! As Dads get together for weekly support group and new parent classes they builds skills and find camaraderie with a network of men who want to be better fathers.

abortion recovery

Healing Hearts is for men and women who are recovering from abortion. Did you know many people struggle with past abortion decisions but never talk about it? All participants are provided a confidential, pressure-free, safe environment in order to discuss abortion and how it has affected them. Learn more about the class or connect with us to find out about the recovery program.

stork’s nest baby boutique

As men and women take classes, they earn “dollars” to spend at the Stork’s Nest. Enrolled parents can shop for maternity clothing, children’s clothing (NB to 2T), diapers/wipes, formula, children’s toys, cribs, strollers and other baby necessities.