This woman wants to know more about Roe v. Wade separating fact from fiction.

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy?

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy presents a big decision. There are so many issues and people to consider when deciding whether to choose abortion, adoption or to parent. Where do you even begin?

Looking at your three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting, it’s hard to know what to do. You already know you’re not capable of raising a child on your own. Maybe you’re too young, still in school, don’t have the support of those closest to you, or you’re already taking care of little ones. Whatever your reason, you know parenting isn’t possible at this time.

Do you choose abortion or adoption?

None of your choices for your unplanned pregnancy are easy. They each involve loss. Only you know your life’s situation and the best direction for your future. Whichever decision you make will affect you for the rest of your life.

Take the time to understand the final outcome of each choice.

Should you choose abortion?

These are some of the questions women ask themselves when considering abortion:

  • How can I tell my parents, boyfriend, or others?
  • Won’t pregnancy affect my ability to go to school or my job?
  • I already have children. How can I raise more?

The abortion industry says having an abortion is quick, easy, and safe. You have an abortion, walk away, and never think about it again. Is that true?

For some women it is. They had no complications and never had any regrets. For other women, seeing a baby, attending family functions, and lost relationships can trigger painful memories of their abortion choice.

Which side do you think you’d fall under? Will you be on the I’ll-never-think-about-it-again side or the I’ll-always-regret-my-decision side. There is now virtually no disagreement among researchers that some women experience negative psychological reactions postabortion. Women who struggle with mental health issues before are more likely to be affected by abortion afterward.

Should you choose adoption?

When considering adoption, these are some of the questions women ask themselves:

  • Will my child hate me if I choose adoption?
  • How can I carry a baby for 9 months and hand it to someone else to raise?
  • Will my child be loved and safe?

Interestingly, the adoption industry never claims that making an adoption plan is easy. Adoption agencies and specialists begin the discussion by stating that it is a hard decision to make.

No woman chooses adoption, walks away, and never thinks about it again. Why? Because women who choose to make an adoption plan are thinking about their children first. Their choice is one of the most sacrificial, brave choices a woman could ever make.

The difficulty can be eased when a birth mom arranges an open adoption. By choosing the family to adopt her child, getting to know them, and seeing their love for her and her baby, the transition is easier.

Abortion vs. Adoption

Both abortion and adoption share similarities. When some women find out they’re unexpectedly pregnant, they know immediately they want an abortion. The same thing can be said for adoption. Some women know making an adoption plan is the best choice from the start.

Over time, a woman who has aborted can look back and feel that the decision was hard but it was the best thing for herself. For a woman choosing open adoption, over time she can be a part of her child’s life and feel the decision was hard, but it was the best thing for her child.

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