pregnant woman

If a friend tells you she’s unexpectedly pregnant, the news has likely turned her world upside down as she decides what to do. During this tough time, the best thing you can do is make sure she doesn’t feel alone and know that you are in her corner.

Read this article for helpful suggestions on supporting your friend as she navigates this stressful situation.

Check In on Your Friend

If she has confided in you about the pregnancy, ensure she understands she has people she can depend on. While she may ask for time to think things over initially, don’t hesitate to text so she knows she’s not alone and you’re available should she need anything. 

Consider sending a gift card for food delivery or a care package with her favorite meal or coffee drink.

Look for thoughtful gestures that respect her privacy and space and let her know she doesn’t have to go through this alone. Leave the door open if she wants to talk, but take the pressure off by not demanding an immediate response. 

Offer Your Support

As you reach out to her directly after she’s shared the news with you, make sure that she knows you are there for the long haul, whether it’s through a listening ear or offering to go to a doctor’s appointment with her.

Depending on your friend’s situation, she may already know what next steps she should take or she could feel overwhelmed by her options. Both reactions are normal.

Abortion is illegal in Alabama, so she may feel there is no clear path forward without significant hurdles. At Alabama Pregnancy Center, we offer free options consultations and can help your friend learn about local resources. 

Encourage her to decide out of confidence rather than fear, and offer to help her in her research. You could even accompany her to a consultation at the Alabama Pregnancy Test Center where she can ask questions and learn about local resources in a safe, compassionate space.

Help Her With the Next Steps

If she’s still deciding after learning her pregnancy news, suggest visiting the Alabama Pregnancy Test Center for important next steps like testing to confirm the pregnancy and a free ultrasound.

Explain how important ultrasound isit checks location, gestational age, and viability. Medically accurate information can empower her choice and help her to feel more informed. 

The most important thing is that your friend feels supported, not rushed. Suggesting she learn more can help empower her choice, but avoid pressuring her to take specific steps.

Contact us today for helpful, confidential resources to educate and walk beside her in this difficult time. Our medical professionals are here for her.