This woman wants to know more about Roe v. Wade separating fact from fiction.

As a pregnant woman, you may be wondering how you will be affected by the recent changes to abortion laws. People on both sides of the issue have made a lot of blanket statements that sound scary or extreme about the abortion issue. So what is true? 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common statements being shared and analyze the data behind them to determine if they’re fact or fiction.

Women Will Die

People who say this seem to think that lack of access to abortion can be equated with higher risks for death. But it turns out that they may be repeating a sentence that doesn’t hold a lot of science behind it.

In the United States, about 700 women have died each year as a result of complications from pregnancy and birth. In 2018 there were about 17 maternal deaths for 100,000 live births. That is a ratio of more than double other high-income countries.

The causes for these deaths often have nothing to do with lack of abortion care (because up until now, abortion has been legal and accessible) but rather are a result of a lack of good prenatal care leading up to the birth experience. 

But even in cases where it might change the outcome of the mother’s life, abortion is still accessible no matter where you live. States with restrictive abortion laws have an exception for women with a medical emergency. 

Doctors can legally do everything in their power to save the life of the woman in their care because of the Emergency and Medical Treatment and Labor Act, so lack of abortion access cannot really be an excuse for higher maternal mortality rates. 

The fear that women will die is thankfully a fiction.

Women No Longer Have Access to Good Healthcare

When the Supreme Court gave the regulation of abortion back to the states, it brought maternal and prenatal care back into the limelight. Many states are now working hard to create more programs for pregnant women and opportunities for financial aid. Pre-existing healthcare services like ultrasounds and genetic testing are still easily accessible. 

Medicaid is available and already helps pay for about half of all births nationwide. According to the Alabama Health Department, “The Alabama Medicaid Maternity Care Program is designed to ensure every pregnant woman has access to medical care, to lower Alabama’s infant mortality rate, and to improve the health of mothers and infants.” Alabama also has several other resources for pregnant women and new mothers.

Pregnancy care centers like Alabama Pregnancy Test Center offer women no-cost pregnancy and STD testing, as well as ultrasounds, which makes the claim that women won’t have access to healthcare a fiction.

Pregnant Women Do Not Have the Right to Make Choices for Themselves

This is another fiction.

Pregnancy might not have been your choice. But what you do next is entirely up to you. Your future is unpenned and the possibilities are still very hopeful. Yes, people may offer you their opinions or pressure you to rush into a decision. But the reality is, your destiny is entirely yours to decide. You have time. You have options.

Abortion continues to be an option in almost half of the United States.

Adoption is a great option for you if you are unsure about abortion but also not ready to parent. Though the journey may seem daunting, it can actually be one of the most fulfilling things you do in your life. We would love to answer any questions you may have about adoption and connect you with helpful resources to educate you on what that process may entail.

Parenting can also be one of the best decisions you ever make– even if it sounds terrifying. Our staff can talk to you about what you should consider when thinking about parenting and help you find resources to meet your needs.

What Now?

So it seems that many of the phrases we analyzed are being shared out of confusion about the truth surrounding the abortion issue. Hopefully, we have put your mind at ease a bit about the reality of your future in a post-Roe world. 

At Alabama Pregnancy Test Center, we are here to continue to help you with your unplanned pregnancy however we can. We would love to help you build the confidence you need to take your next step towards a decision for a bright future. Contact us today for a confidential, no-pressure, no-cost consultation.