We’ve been serving people facing unplanned pregnancy and sexual-health risks since 1980.

We offer free & confidential services to everyone, regardless of race, belief, or gender. We believe you have a fundamental right to accurate information on any issues related to pregnancy and your health.

Our licensed medical clinic in Vestavia, Alabama offers:

  • Pregnancy testing and confidential counseling on pregnancy options.
  • Information on abortion, the “morning after pill”, RU486, including procedures and risk.
  • Medical services including sexually transmitted infection testing, ultrasound, and pregnancy confirmation.
  • Advocacy and referrals for Medicaid, follow-up care, and community resources on housing,  employment and financial aid.
  • Relationship counseling and parenting education.
  • Practical help for maternity and baby-care needs.
  • Counseling & support for post-abortion trauma.

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