Roe v. Wade Overturned: Separating Fact from Fiction

This woman wants to know more about Roe v. Wade separating fact from fiction.

As a pregnant woman, you may be wondering how you will be affected by the recent changes to abortion laws. People on both sides of the issue have made a lot of blanket statements that sound scary or extreme about the abortion issue. So what is true?  Let’s take a look at some of the

3 Things Needed Before an Abortion

This woman is thinking about the 3 things needed before an abortion.

You hadn’t planned on getting pregnant. And now, everything about your future seems so outside of your control that you just feel a bit helpless. Getting an abortion may seem like the only way to put your life back on track with the expectations you had for yourself.  But regardless of what you do with

What Are the Mental Health Effects From Abortion?

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Abortion can be a hard subject to talk about. Many women who have had abortions don’t feel they have a safe place to process the emotions in the aftermath of recovery.  Perhaps the people in their circle are on extreme ends of the spectrum; parents might give them a guilt trip for having the procedure,

Will My Insurance Pay For My Girlfriend’s Abortion? 

He is wondering will his insurance pay for his girlfriend's abortion?

Generally, health insurance companies will only extend coverage to others when there is a legal financial obligation.  This means, your girlfriend would either need to be married to you or have a domestic partnership with you to be covered by your insurance plan. Does Insurance Cover Abortion in Alabama? In Alabama, abortion is only legal

What Is the Difference Between a Blood and Urine Pregnancy Test?

What Are the Warning Signs of Infection after Abortion?

Blood and urine pregnancy tests both determine if you’re pregnant by determining if the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone is present. However, blood pregnancy tests require drawing blood and urine pregnancy tests only require urination. Blood pregnancy tests can tell you if you’re pregnant earlier than urine pregnancy tests, and some kinds (quantitative hCG tests)

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

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If you recently had unprotected sex and have missed a period, then you may be pregnant.  At-home pregnancy tests can be purchased at any local pharmacy and are the most popular option for women who are eager to confirm whether or not they are pregnant.  These sorts of tests check your blood or urine for

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

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If you want to get clarity about your possible pregnancy, taking a pregnancy test at the right time is essential for accurate results. The best time to take a pregnancy test is at least one week after your missed period.  Why Should I Wait a Week After My Period? Perhaps you’re wondering why you should

How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy

A friendship is a mutual gift, designed to stand firm in both hardships and victories. Healthy relationships require your time and devotion to engaging in connection with friends.  When a friend shares that she is unexpectedly pregnant, time and devotion are exactly what she needs. There will likely be dozens of fears swirling around in

How to Tell Your Parents You Are Pregnant

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Pregnant? Maybe even saying those words out loud is terrifying right now. You never thought you’d be pregnant at this moment in your life. Take a breath and know you don’t have to go on this journey alone.  Telling your parents you are pregnant can be the scariest step, but necessary to get the peace

What is the Difference Between Plan B and The Abortion Pill?

young woman taking a pill

If you think you might be facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be asking yourself this common question: what is the difference between Plan B and the abortion pill? There are a few important differences between Plan B and the Abortion Pill that you need to understand when it comes to these medications and we’re