What Are Signs of Womb Damage after Abortion?

What are Signs of womb damage after abortion?

If you recently had an abortion, or if you’re contemplating having one, womb (or uterine) damage is a major risk to look out for. Uterine damage is a serious and potentially life-threatening complication that could occur as a result of a surgical abortion. Read on to learn more about how uterine damage could happen during

What Are the Warning Signs of Infection after Abortion?

What Are the Warning Signs of Infection after Abortion?

There are different types of abortion, but each type carries a risk of infection. Post-abortion infection is also known as “septic abortion.”  Whether you’re contemplating undergoing an abortion or have already had one, knowing the signs of a post-abortion infection are important.  Read on to learn what to look out for. And if you’ve already

Is Abortion Painful?

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Everyone has different pain tolerance levels and different experiences with healthcare providers. A procedure that is painful for one person may turn out completely pain-free for another. Some people have negative side effects from abortion that are painful, and different types of abortion come with different risks. Complications can create additional pain. If you are

What Happens to Your Body After an Abortion?

Are you considering an abortion and wondering what happens afterward? How it will affect you long-term?  Or maybe you already had an abortion and are experiencing some symptoms that you want to ensure are normal.  Here is everything you need to know. What Are the Physical Effects?  After an abortion your body will need to

Is Adoption or Abortion Right for Me?

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Sometimes life is really hard. Having a pregnancy at an unideal time in your life might seem like a situation you just want to undo. But as the saying goes, some of the worst storms create the prettiest rainbows. Maybe this surprise pregnancy is going to take your story in a better direction than you

What Are the Signs of an Incomplete Abortion?

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An incomplete abortion, which can happen after both the abortion pill and surgical abortion, occurs when some of the pregnancy is left in the womb after an abortion. This can lead to serious infection and complications, including cervical shock and sepsis.  If left untreated, these severe complications can lead to infertility and death. What Are

What Are The Different Types of Abortion? 

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Are you pregnant and unsure of your future? You are not alone. According to one recent study from the United Nations, as many as 121 million pregnancies are unintended every year worldwide. That is almost half of all pregnancies. Since parenthood wasn’t on your calendar for this year, you may be looking for information on

What Are the Risks of Abortion?

What Are the Risks of Abortion?

Becca had just been awarded an amazing volleyball scholarship to her dream D1 college. Her future was bright, and nothing could shake it–except for two tiny pink lines on her pregnancy test.    Suddenly her picture-perfect life plan felt like it might fall apart.    If you are like Becca and wondering if abortion might

Can you Still Get an Abortion in Alabama? 

Can you Still Get an Abortion in Alabama? 

Are you still shocked with the turn of events your life has recently taken? Perhaps those two pink lines on your pregnancy test have shaken you to your core. The implications of your unplanned pregnancy might be life-altering, and that may feel a little scary. But what options do you have in the state of

Roe v. Wade Overturned: Separating Fact from Fiction

This woman wants to know more about Roe v. Wade separating fact from fiction.

As a pregnant woman, you may be wondering how you will be affected by the recent changes to abortion laws. People on both sides of the issue have made a lot of blanket statements that sound scary or extreme about the abortion issue. So what is true?  Let’s take a look at some of the